Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

The last couple weeks for Kitchen Tips, I have talked about freezer meals and how long to store foods in the freezer. For this week's tip, I wanted to talk about how I store pantry items that I buy in bulk.

We like having ice cream, esp. homemade chocolate shakes, at our house so I get ice cream in 5qt. pails! Once the ice cream is gone, I wash and dry the pails good. I then reuse the 5qt. pails for my flour (all purpose and bread), sugar (white, brown, 10x), powdered milk, and oatmeal that I buy in bulk from Sam's Club.

I also found that the pails are good for storing bags of dry beans or other poly bag type things(like small bags of candy or baking chips!) so the items don't get crushed or lost in the pantry.

For some of the smaller quantities items (like wheat flour) I reuse 5lb margarine tubs.

Also, I have heard that you can go to Sam's/Costco's bakery and ask them for their big tubs that they get frosting in to be able to take home and reuse for bulk items. I haven't tried this yet because I have found that for me using the 5qt. pails has worked better for my pantry space.

The main reason why I use plastic pails/tubs over glass jars is because I have "little hands" that like to be my helpers. I have had those "little hands" drop too many jars that have broken in their short life so I find the plastic route to be safer. :)

Oh and just in case you are curious about how I make homemade chocolate shakes, here is the recipe.

Vanilla ice cream(for our family-it takes 1/2 gallon)
Hershey's chocolate syrup (amount depends on how chocolatey you want it!)
Milk(amount depends on how thick you want it!)

Put all in the blender and mix up!

If you have a thick shake you can chop up your favorite candy bar and stir into your shake once you have put in the blender and make a homemade DQ Blizzard. :)

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Kirstin said...

I really like your tip. I also will reuse glass jars, etc.. for items I buy in bulk.

Amy said...

Great tip! The problem I have is SPACE!

Jasmine's Journey said...

We don't buy ice cream very much but that would be a great use for those pails. I have been saving glass jars for other stuff. I ran out of space too and now dh build me more shelves. Hooray!