Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Gifts

Did you have a Merry Christmas??? We had a great one! I was able to see my entire extended family over the course of the weekend. I finally got to see my new niece!! My brother and sil are adopting a baby, who is now 6 months old!!

My kids got some of the gifts that they had been requesting. My older boys got MP3 players and Legos! My girl got Little ponies, and another kitchen set. My baby got a few toys that should keep him busy and learning!! I also got some of the things that I had been requesting!! Dh got me a new all weather dress coat. My old dress coat is one that I have had since I was a freshman in college!!(that makes the coat over 15 years old!!!) That coat is still in good shape so I am not going to get rid of it. Maybe I'll lose about 20 lbs. and have two coats to choose from! LOL I got a new Presto Tilt N Drain Big Griddle. Just to give you a picture of the size of the it, it will hold TWELVE pieces of french toast all at once!!! This new griddle will replace my old one. My old one will only hold 6 pieces of french toast and is 12 years old!!! This is a picture of the electric knife that I got from dh as well. It comes with a case too!! This is a food slicer that my parents and siblings got for me!!! I guess my mom figured that since I borrow hers on occasion that I could use my own. LOL
Now the big having an electric knife and food slicer something of a duplicate in the "kitchen servants" department??? If you have an electric knife would you think about having a food slicer or is the electric knife good enough?? Or would having the food slicer be good enough??? OR would both be of benefit in the kitchen??

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