Monday, December 24, 2007

Bad Weather, Awesome Pictures

WOW!! Look at the drift here!!

OUCH!! Tree meet house! House meet Tree! This happened in a town southeast of me! This was posted by another viewer of the local TV station. There are many trees down all over the state!

This is picture of sand pillars on the beach of Lake Michigan. This was posted on my local tv station's website by a LoriDoc.

Saturday night and all day Sunday, we have had high winds, snow, and freezing temperatures. The high winds knocked out power to thousands(about 120,000 in West MI) and my family was one of them!!! We got our power back last night but there are still close to 15,000 without power on this Christmas Eve. They should have their power back later this evening. The airport was without power for 14 hours due to the storm as well!!

With the blowing snow and high winds, there is some awesome pictures of God's power!!!

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TobyBo said...

I am so glad you posted these pictures. The sand columns are just amazing.