Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trip---Savings $31.01

I am really enjoying this shopping habit/routine that I am making for myself. Payday week is a big shopping trip which usually means at least three grocery stores and spend several hours getting it completed. Non-payday week is just a basic food staples run with maybe a couple of deals that I just can't pass up.  It basically averages out to every other week is a big shopping trip as hubby gets paid twice each month. The advantage to this routine is that I am not getting burned out doing the grocery shopping. I can get my shopping trip prepared now in about a half hour or less depending on the week and I can get my shopping done in 3 hours on big weeks and under an hour on staples run.  I also am finding with this routine that I am spending less because I am not buying extra convenience items. Last year there came a point where I was just worn out and didn't have the motivation to do any shopping so I did it half heartedly and found that I was actually spending more because I was caving to convenience.

With my new routine, I am spending on average about $24 per day to keep my household going, that is food for meals & snacks, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, and paper products.  I would love to get back to the $20 per day that I was doing before I was burned out with shopping, however, I will take baby steps to get there rather than big steps so as not to upset the family too much.

This week was a non-payday week so I did a basic food staples run and spent less than $60 for everything.  I hopefully will be able to make it until next Friday(payday) before doing any more shopping.

Here is the breakdown of my purchases this week:


  • 45 ct Meijer brand Zyrtec $17.97(my allergies are awful!)
  • 1/2 gallon buttermilk $2.39
  • 4 cans Old Orchard juice $4.00
  • 1 Degree deodorant $1.47
  • 2 Right Guard deodorant $2.00
  • 4 gallons milk $7.52
  • 6 tubes cinnamon rolls $5.00
  • 3 tubes crescent rolls $2.65
Total OOP(with 6% sales tax for non-food): $44.44
Total Savings: $21.80
Total without sales & coupons: $66.24

Family Fare: 
  • 2 heads lettuce $1.76
  • 1 box Honeycomb cereal $1.77
  • 2 boxes Raisin Bran $2.54
  • 4.12 lbs ground chuck $8.20
Total OOP: $14.27
Total Savings: $9.21
Total without sales & coupons: $23.48

Grand Total OOP: $58.68
Grand Total Savings: $31.01
Grand Total without sales & coupons: $89.72

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Homeschooling FREEBIES: Bible Studies, Homemaking, & HS Resources

I came across this site called  Hippo Campus.  HippoCampus is a project of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE). Its goal is provide FREE high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects to high school and college students.  The covered subjects are: Algebra(in English & Spanish), US Government and History, Biology, Calculus(in English & Spanish), Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, Statistics and Religion.  The project has given you a choice in that they have correlated with several different textbooks that they have put the text and multimedia online or you can take an online course.

Do you have a daughter that is in the third grade or above? Are you looking for guidance to help teach the basics in homemaking? The Future Christian Homemaker's Handbook can help you!  I found that the author has made the lessons available online for free! The FCH Handbook contains 12 chapters of cooking lessons with both teacher and student pages. These lessons include related skills such as setting the table, manners, writing a menu, and planning nutritious meals. The homemaking section includes lessons on doing the laundry and cleaning the house. Web resources are listed where you can find free basic sewing projects for children. Devotionals are included to provide sound Biblical instruction.  While this handbook is geared to use with girls, I am using it to teach some basic things to my boys as well as my daughter.

The last freebie for today is bible studies that you can download for free!  I love listening to Kay Arthur. On her ministry's website are some downloadable Bible study guides with free registration.  She has the current  Bible study available along with past Bible studies.  After looking through a few of them, I see great potential in using them with my high schooler for his Bible class.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meijer Deals 5/2-5/8

Just a reminder, that I am using a West Michigan sale ad and my Meijer does NOT double coupons! Also do not forget to check the two pages of Mealbox coupons for more coupons and use my coupon link in my sidebar. 

Sorry I didn't get this list together sooner. It has been a very busy time lately in my household. 


***Buy $12 Edy's, Haagen-Dazs, Nestle Drumstick, Skinny Cow or Dibs Get $4 off your NEXT shopping trip!

***Buy 3 Capri-Sun Fruit Drinks Get One Kool-Aid Fun Fizz FREE Instantly

***Purina Cat Products: Get $2 off Cat Treat when you buy $10 of any Cat Food (limit one per transaction)

***Purchase $10-$14.99 of Garnier Fructis Hair Care Styling & Hair Care Shampoo or Conditioner, Get $2 off your next Garnier purchase. OR Purchase $15 or more and Get $3 off your next Garnier purchase. (limit 1 per transaction)

***Stock up & save SALE: Buy $15 of Any Bounty, Charmin or Gillette Products Get a Meijer Custom Coupon for $3 off your NEXT Shopping Trip!

***Stock up & save SALE: Buy $25 or more of Any Bounty, Charmin or Gillette Products Get a Meijer Custom Coupon for $5 off your NEXT Shopping Trip!

10 for $10 Get 11th FREE Sale: (complete list)

Tropicana Fruit Punch 64 oz. carton. All varieties

McCormick Recipe Inspirations or Grinders
$1/1 cpn 04-25 RP

Old Orchard Juice 12 oz. Assorted varieties
$1/4 cpn

Soft N Good Family White Bread 22oz loaf

Meijer Lean Entrées, Paninis or Pizzas 6-9oz

Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides 4-5.7 oz. pkg. Select varieties
$1/3 cpn (register required)

Betty Crocker Gushers 5.4 oz. box. Select varieties
50/2 cpn
50/2 cpn

Bushs Best Variety Beans

Kraft Easy Mac Cups or Macaroni & Cheese Select Varieties

Chef Boyardee Pasta with Meat 14.75-15 oz. can or 7.5 oz. microwavable. Select varieties
$1.50/4 cpn
50/2 cpn

Ice Cream Cups: Meijer, Ben & Jerrys, Starbucks, Edys, Haagan Dazs or Ittibitz 3.6-6oz
$1/1 cpn or 75/1 cpn (cpns for Starbucks)

King Size or Theatre Box Candy 2.25-7.5 oz. All varieties

Hunts Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce
$1/5 Mealbox cpn

Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers 2 oz tray
$1/3 cpn 02-07 RP

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables 7-10oz
60/3 cpn 03-28 S2

Aunt Millie's Homestyle Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns 8 ct. pkg
55/1 cpn 04-18 RP


Blackberries 5.6 oz. container 5/$5

Garden Fresh Salsa, Hummus, Chips, or Dips: 8-16 oz. All varieties ~~ Buy One Get One FREE!

Tropicana Trop 50 59 oz. container 2/$5
$1/1 cpn 03-14 RP

Dannon DanActive 4/3.1 oz. drinks All Varieties $1.88
$1/1 cpn 05-02 S
$1/1 cpn 3-28 S2

Dannon Activia 4/4 oz. cups. All varieties $1.88
$1/1 cpn 05-02 S
$1/1 cpn 3-28 S2
$1/1 cpn

General Mills Cereals: Cheerios 8.9 oz., Banana Nut or Oat Cluster Cheerios 10.9-11.3 oz., Wheaties 10.9 oz $1.99
$1/2 cpn 05-02 S
75/1 cpn 5-02 S (cpn for Wheaties)
55/1 cpn (cpn for Cheerios)
55/1 cpn (cpn for Cheerios)

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 8 oz. tube All Varieties 4/$5
40/2 cpn 03-28 S2

Kelloggs Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats Bite Size 18 oz., Raisin Bran 20 oz., Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks or Rice Krispies 12-12.5 oz $1.99
$1/2 cpn 04-11 RP (cpn is for Mini-Wheats)
$1/3 cpn 4-11 RP
$2/2 cpn 3-28 RP
$1/2 cpn 
$1.50/2 cpn
$1/2 cpn & $1/3 cpn

Capri Sun 10/6 oz. pouches. Original, Roarin' Waters, Coolers or Sunrise. Select varieties $1.89
$1/1 cpn 04-25 S (cpn is for Sunrise)

McCormick Dry Taco or Chili Seasoning Mix 1-1.62 oz. Select varieties 2/$1
$1/1 cpn 04-25 RP

Nestle Drumsticks 4 ct 4/$10
$1/1 cpn 05-02 S

Keebler Sandies 14.5-16 oz $2.19
55/1 cpn 04-18 RP
$1/1 cpn


Cover Girl Clean Make Up 2/$7
B1G1 cpn 04-11 RP

Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder 2/$7
$2.50/2 cpn 05-02 PG

Old Spice Fresh Collection 2.6 oz $3.94
B1G1 cpn 04-18 RP

Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 13oz 2/$5
$1/1 cpn 05-02 RP
$1/1 cpn
$1/1 cpn 

Purina Friskies Party Mix or Indoor Crunchy Cat Treats 2.1oz $1.42 (everyday best price)
$1/1 cpn 05-02 S
$1/1 cpn
$1/1 cpn

Bic Soleil Disposable Shaver 4ct or Bic Bella 3ct 2/$9
$3/1 cpn 05-02 S
$2/1 cpn 03-28 S2

Gillette Clear Gel or Odor Shield 2.6-4 oz $3.94
B1G1 cpn 05-02 PG

Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food 3oz (excludes Elegant Medleys) 10/$4.50
$1/24 cpn 02-07 RP
$1/24 cpn

Ziploc Bags: Freezer 15-20 ct., storage 20-25 ct. or sandwich 100 ct $1.99
$1/2 cpn 3-21 S
40/1 cpn 03-21 S

Ziploc Containers 2-6 ct. Select varieties $1.99
$1.50/2 cpn 03-21 S
55/1 cpn 3-21 S

Purina Mighty Dog Canned Dog Food 5.5oz 10/$5.50
$3/5 cpn 03-28 S1
B1G1 cpn 03-28 S1
$1/12 cpn
$2/6 cpn

Right Guard Sport Antiperspirant/ Deodorant 2.8-3 oz 2/$4
$2/2 cpn

***Please take the time to check out your local ad, which you can find here.  IF Meijer is not your store of choice, head over to BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 5/2-5/8

Last week’s menus were delicious! I stuck with simple, family favorite meals.  I really need to work at finding new meal combinations or new recipes to try because the same old meals are getting old!  The weather keeps “yo-yoing”!  We have several days of summer weather with no rain and then we have several days with below average temperatures and rain with wind. Just when I feel like doing lots of grilling and lighter meals, the weather makes think of a big bowl of soup with homemade bread!

Last week’s grocery shopping was a big shopping trip. Hopefully I calculated things correctly so I will just have to a staples run (milk, produce) these next couple of weeks before payday.  We are still working at paying down some unexpected debt.  We went from getting new windows to having both of our vehicles at the mechanic’s shop for several different items. We went from having no issues with anything to having a “mudslide” happen and trying to prioritize everything that is a occurring has been interesting to say the least.

Hopefully at the end of the week, I will be able to get some long overdue baking done.  The weather is be at a “cool stage” so instead of running the furnace I’ll just run the oven! J Each week, I have been working at keeping some kind of sweet item and bread item available for my crew to have during the week. It would be nice to get a big stash of items done so that I don’t have to work a time in each week to bake something.

This week’s meals are more of my simple, family favorite meals.  Things are going to be busy around our house this week as it appears that each evening there is something going on!  Monday, hubby has bible study; Tuesday, I have bible study and hubby is having friends over to watch the Red Wings/Sharks game; Wednesday and Thursday night, hubby has first aid certification class and then Friday and Saturday look clear at the moment but that could change as the week progresses.

This week’s lunches that are listed below are for the kids and me! Unless we are having leftovers, our lunches are served with apple slices or carrot sticks along with fruit juice or water.  Hubby usually takes a dinner leftover along with various snacks for his work lunch so I don’t take the time to really plan his lunches. I just take the next container of leftovers in the stack in the fridge that I have prepared ahead of time.

A special thanks to Laura-Organizing Junkie for hosting Menu Plan Monday! Need help with your menus; go check the over 300 other delicious meal plans that have been linked at Laura-Organizing Junkie's site or look down in my right sidebar for my menu suggestion lists!

Sunday (5-2)
Breakfast: eggs, hash browns, sausage or steak and chocolate donuts
Lunch: pizza
Dinner:  McDonald’s (after church)

Monday (5-3)
Breakfast: cereal and donuts
Lunch: leftovers

Tuesday (5-4)
Breakfast:  waffles and sausage
Lunch: lunchables
Dinner:  grilled chicken, seasoned pan fries, and green beans
Snack: popcorn and bbq smokies for munchies during the game

Wednesday (5-5)
Breakfast:  bagels and cereal
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: chicken club sandwiches, French fries and carrot sticks

Thursday (5-6)
Breakfast: French Toast and sausage
Lunch: pizza
Dinner:  roasted chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, and corn
Snack: snack basket                                                       

Friday (5-7)
Breakfast: cereal and toaster strudel
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: chili, rice and homemade corn muffins
Snack: ice cream

Saturday (5-8)
Breakfast:  Your Choice
Lunch: ????
Dinner: Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits
Snack: popcorn or snack basket

Singing Sunday--Everything Falls

Everything Falls
by Steve Fee

you said
you'd never leave or foresake me
when you said,
this life is gonna shake me
you said
this world is gonna bring trouble on my soul
this I know

when everything falls apart
your arms hold me together
when everything falls apart
your the only hope for this heart
when everything falls apart
and my strength is gone
I find you mighty and strong
you keep holding on
you keep holding on

when I see
the darkness all around me
when I see
the tragedy has found me
I still believe
your faithful arms will never let me go
and still I know

when everything falls apart
your arms hold me together
when everything falls apart
your the only hope for this heart
when everything falls apart
and my strength is gone
I find you mighty and strong
you keep holding on
you keep holding on

sorrow willl last for the night
but hope is rising with the sun
(its rising with the sun)
there will be storms in this life
but I know you will overcome
but I know you will overcome

when everything falls apart
your arms hold me together
when everything falls apart
your the only hope for this heart
when everything falls apart
and my strength is gone
I find you mighty and strong
you keep holding on

when everything falls apart
your arms hold me together
when everything falls apart
your the only hope for this heart
when everything falls apart
and my strength is gone
I find you mighty and strong
you keep holding on
you keep holding on