Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trips 9/25-9/30

This week's shopping trips was my major shopping for this pay period. Despite the sale ads not being that great I was able to get several things for cheap or free and use coupons that were going to expire.

I did two trips to Meijer this week and did very well. I got some free candy bars, cheap taco seasoning and taco sauce, along with some cheap cottage cheese and breaded fish.

Along with my Meijer trips, I went to Walgreens, Target, Family Fare, and Duthler's.

The Walgreens and Target trip were to get some non-grocery items that were on sale there that I could use a few of my expiring coupons.

  • 2 bottles OxiClean spray 
  • 2 tubes Aspercreme 
Total OOP: $7.74
Total Savings: $13.65

  • 1 Cascade PowrPacs
  • 2 bottles Clorox bleach
  • 20 ct. Tide Stain Release
  • 1 bottle Aussie shampoo = Free after cpn
  • 1 bottle Herbal Essence shampoo = Free after cpn
  • 1 tube Neosporin
  • 20ct Bandaids
Total OOP: $12.63
Total Savings: $12.22

Family Fare: 
  • 8pk Bounty paper towels
  • 24 cups Yoplait yogurt
  • 6 lbs apples
  • 6.95 lbs ground beef
  • 1 dz. eggs
Total OOP: $34.04
Total Savings: $30.44

  • 2 half gallons Chocolate Milk
Total OOP: $2.66
Total Savings: $2.70

Grand Total OOP: $57.07
Grand Total Savings: $59.01

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