Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meijer Trip

This week, Meijer is having a great 10 for $10 get 11th item free sale!!  So I decided to take some time today and go get a few things before the end of the week and before the shelves were cleared out.

Here are the items that I purchased today:

10 for $10 get 11th item free items:

6 bottles Gatorade
5 boxes Banquet Brown & Serve sausages
2 bags Chex Mix(used 50/2 cpn)
2 boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes(used $1/2 cpn)
3 boxes Betty Crocker Cake Mixes
6 tubes Grands Biscuits
6 cups Easy Mac & Cheese
6 Banquet Dinners(used 3-50/2 cpns)
3 bags Light & Fluffy Egg Noodles
4 boxes Pizza Rolls
2 10pk Snack Size Candy
2 boxes Jello Pudding(used 55/2 cpn--found as a tearpad cpn several months ago)
5 Lunchables
3 bags Jet Marshmallows(used 60/3 cpn)

Other Sale items:

3 jars Peter Pan PB (used MBox $1/3 cpn + 3-50/1 cpn)
1 bag Tyson chicken nuggets
2 boxes Snackwell snacks (used Mbox $1/2 cpn + $1/2 cpn)
2 boxes Dove Ice Cream treats (used Mbox $1/2 cpn + 2-$1/1 cpn)

**used a $2 off shopping coupon as well

Total: $56.27
Savings: $52.49 ($10.65 worth of coupons used!!)

Not bad considering, I wanted to keep my total under $60 today! I was able to get some items I needed plus do some stockpiling. Stockpiling is something I haven't been doing lately because the sales have not been very good.

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