Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Easy Bacon Burgers with Seasoned Pan Fries

I love making this meal because of how fast and easy it is to put together. I find that I can get this meal done in about a half hour.  It definitely is one of those meals that cuts my time in the kitchen.

How does the meal get done in a half hour?

  • burgers already prepped to use coming out of the freezer. 
  • pre-made diced potatoes
  • baking the bacon either on the grill or oven. 

Prepped Burgers

When I buy my ground beef in bulk, I take the time to make up raw burger patties and stick them in the freezer with wax paper separating each patty then sticking them in a freezer bag.  Doing this helps cut my  meal preparation along with having quick meals ready to roll out of the freezer for those busy summer days.  I usually will pull them out of the freezer at lunch time so that by dinner time they are thawed enough to separate to go on the grill.  For dinner, I just grill them while fixing the rest of the dinner.

Pre-made Diced Potatoes

I have tried to do diced potatoes for the freezer but have not come up with a good way to do them where the texture doesn't change too much of the potatoes.  So if I am making the diced potatoes from whole potatoes I work on peeling and dicing potatoes around the lunch hour and then letting them soak in salt water until I use them for dinner.

If I want to make things very quick then I will just pull out a bag or two of Southern style hash brown potatoes from the freezer that I have bought from the store on sale.

To cook either the fresh or frozen way: I put 2-3 tbsps olive oil and 4 tbsps margarine in the skillet before placing the potatoes in the skillet.  Once the margarine is melted and sizzling a bit I pour the potatoes in(drain the water off the fresh first before cooking).   As the potatoes cook, I just shake in some seasoned salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper. Sorry I don't have measurements for those spices, I just shake in to our tastes.

Cooking Bacon

A couple of years ago, I underwent a change in my kitchen on how I cooked bacon for the family.  I had always fried the bacon in a skillet but I was tired of how long it took to cook a pound of bacon. I did an experiment for one meal where I did fried and baked bacon to see what the family would say about the baked bacon.  The results of the experiment was baked bacon was the way to go!  Now I just bake the bacon along with the rest of the meal. Stick the bacon on a jelly roll style pan and place in the oven at 400°. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes for the bacon to cook completely.

If you do not want to heat up the kitchen you can do the same thing on your grill as what you do for cooking the bacon in the oven.  I do not have a pan for the bacon to go on my grill so I just put some foil down on the grill grates and cook the bacon.   I use a gas grill so I make sure that side of the grill is on low while the burgers cook on the side.   I definitely watch the grill very closely while the bacon is cooking.

Once everything is cooked it is ready to fix your burgers!  I love mine topped with lettuce and mayonnaise and if I have fresh tomatoes I will slice one to put a couple of slices on the burger.

I love putting together this meal in the summertime because it is fast and easy and very filling.

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