Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Glimpse: OH ME! OH MY! What a week!

It has been quite the busy week!  

It started on Monday with me needing to go to my parent's house bright and early on Monday morning to meet an insurance agent. Once I was done there I took my daughter for her well child check-up at our pediatrician's office.  So with these two appointments on Monday, I wasn't able to do my usual "office time" at my computer where I type up my weekly menu plans and make sure that I have everything ready for schooling the kids for the week. So my week has been a little off balance to say the least.

I did have time at home on Monday afternoon, so I was able to figure out things for Tuesday and the rest of the week and did not have to fly totally from the seat of my pants for the whole week.  But I can tell you starting the week off on a run does not help the week to go any faster.

Tuesday afternoon I made a trip to see my chiropractor because my back muscles had literally spasmed so bad that I was leaning slightly to one side and just felt in pain.  The only relief that I got before I went to see him was laying on the floor stretched out. He took the time to massage and stretch the area in my back that was giving me troubles but it was so acutely spastic that when I stood to leave I could barely walk!  So he got an ice pack for me to sit for about 5-10 minutes with before I left his office. I left his office still in pain. Once I got home I took some Motrin and did some more stretching on the floor.  By the evening on Tuesday, I was still dealing with a very sore back but the spasms seemingly were subsiding.  By Thursday, I was my old self with just the dull aches in my back. It is amazing what a couple of days of relaxing can do to back spasms!

Despite having my week start off with appointments, we managed to complete a full week of school! I had my three older boys working on finishing up different writing assignments this week. My oldest son was working on research report on Frederick Douglass.  I told him that it only needed to be two pages total but I think he found so much information that he is having trouble keeping it under four pages! My #2 son was working on a research report on Sir Francis Drake.  He is a boy of few words when it comes to writing reports!  I am having to help him expand his report so that it fits on a page. My #3 son was working at finishing up a notebook on the Presidents.  He did a profile sheet for each President.

I have begun the task of working with my daughter in learning to read!  She is doing quite well for just working on it for a few weeks.  Hopefully, I will have her fluently reading within the next couple of months.

Our suburban had to go back into the mechanic again this week after just being there TWO weeks ago!  It just so happened that it was for the same problem but a different part!  So now we have two(or is it four) solenoids for the down shift and the up shift  replaced in the transmission.(I am NO mechanic or even mechanically inclined so I am not totally sure exactly how it works!)  At any rate, we have now spent about $280 to get it running again.  Well relatively running as can be cause when it was in the mechanic's shop on Thursday for the second transmission repair, they also turned the brake rotors and while they were doing that they left the key in the ignition turned on and drained the battery!  Well they did the right thing and charged it so they could get it out of the shop and then hubby drove it around to help to charge the battery the rest of the way before coming home. However, that only helped for a couple of start-ups cause before he could come home from work today, he had to get someone to jump him again!  I have a feeling that we are going to be getting a new battery or something else like the alternator is going out now.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the events that took place this week!  I am not going to ramble about one child deciding that he would lie to me about whether he had completed a task or not. OR ramble about the child who got upset that two of his brothers got into his bed to hide and messed it up and one of those brothers hiding had the audacity to pass a "stink bomb" in the bed!  OR ramble about the fact that my 3yo son has been potty trained now for 3 months and has been accident free for most of that time and had 4 accidents this week alone.

Now it is your turn to ramble...

  • So how was your week? 
  • Was it busy? 
  • Do you feel like you accomplished something this week?  

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