Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love of Homeschooling!

Can you feel it? Can you feel the love that is in the air? This is the week of the year where everyone is thinking about love! The love they have for their sweetheart, the love they have for God, the love they have for their family, the love they have for their children (if they have any) and the love they have for homeschooling! Well okay, maybe not everyone loves homeschooling, but you can love it!
I have taken the words “Love Homeschooling” to create an acrostic of the positives of homeschooling and why you can love homeschooling.
Less peer pressure — more strengthening of self-worth and character without the negative impact of peer groups. Even though your child might feel that their social life is limited, they will value and appreciate the time with their friends more.
Organization — nothing more frustrating than the inability to put your fingers on what you need when you need it! Organize your schoolroom or school space so that you are not wasting time searching for items. Okay maybe this isn’t a strong quality of yours so you don’t see it as a positive, but I have found that homeschooling has helped me to become more organized in how I keep my home.
Values — building your child’s character and helping them to see what matter most in this world.
Education Freedom — you control what your child learns! You can design a curriculum for your child’s unique needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Helping each other — Your child can help you around the house with chores. Or the older children can listen to the younger ones read.
Opportunities unlimited — take enrichment classes, piano lessons, gymnastics, participate in community sports, work to make a difference in your community. Just remember that just because the opportunities are unlimited doesn’t mean you have to participate in every one that is available!
Many relationships — your child is able to interact with wide range of ages and personalities.
Expectations — don’t fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations. Don’t set your standard too high! Have goals and direction, but be realistic based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
Support — having a support system of your family and friends is important.
Comforts of home — there is no better place to learn than in the security of your own home. You also don’t have to worry about walking in the rain to the bus stop and you can stay in your pajamas and still go to school!
Hugs abound! — there are never too many hugs! Building a relationship with your child is so vital to their development.
One-on-one tutoring — personal attention to your child, hence you will be able to know when they are struggling and need the extra effort to master a concept.
Own pace — no child is left behind! They can work at their own pace to master a concept before moving on.
Lifestyle simplified — realizing and remembering what in life really matters! Appreciate and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like taking a walk together or watching ants work tirelessly.
Interests explored — Learn what your child is interested in and study it! It is okay to tailor-fit your curriculum to your child’s interests. For example, when my oldest son was six, he loved animals so we studied animals for a whole year!
No “SuperMom” — you have to realize that you will not be able to get everything done in one day! You are not going to have a perfect house or perfect children.
God allowed! — He can be talked about —and to— freely! He will be your friend in this homeschooling journey.

**this post was originally published as one of my contributing articles at Happy to be at Home!

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