Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Ahead--2010 Goals

While I look at the following list of goals, I see potential in reaching every one of them by the end of the year with God's help and my determination. I realize that some of the goals are not very measurable right now so there will be some tweaking going on in the weeks and months to come.  However, I wanted to take some time to set some goals so I can develop my vision for the next year.  I divided the goals up into categories(thanks Toni for the inspiration) to help me sort through all the ideas floating around in my head.  I also did not prioritize these goals because a lot of them are dealing with being consistent in things every day.

2010 Goals:


  • Continue to be faithful to the weekly Woman’s Bible Study.
  • Memorize at least 100 Bible verses. (that is 2 verses per week)
  • Read my Bible daily and work at growing closer to God.
  • Realizing and praising God each day for the gift of life and to living each day to the fullest with Him in control!


  • Exercise 4 times a week—bike riding, walking,  weights or aerobics.
  • Drop my weight by 50 lbs.
  • Have a consistent morning and bedtime routine every day.
  • Read at least two books a month.
  • Spend quality time via date nights with my husband once a week.


  • Get previous school years papers in binders for each child.
  • Work with my daughter to get her fluently reading by June.
  • Do hands on activities with my children at least twice a month.
  • Be done with formal schooling every day at 3 pm. --I have two that like to drag out the day's work!
  • Declutter papers and books that we have never used or are no longer using.


  • Keep consistent with menu planning. The last 3 weeks of  "flying by the seat of my pants" planning has not worked very well!
  • Shop for groceries twice a month(other than for fresh items like fruits, veggies, milk & eggs). (more on this goal next week)
  • Update and keep up with my household binder
  • File papers every month.
  • Work at sewing/mending twice a month.
  • Work at doing more baking from scratch and cut out the processed foods.
  • Try at least two new recipes each month to increase my “family favorite meal list”.


  • Pay off all three credit cards. (total $3825)
  • Work at building a three month emergency fund (approx. $8100)
  • Pay cash for the two major house projects (carpeting the rec. room/office & finish the 4th bedroom) that we have planned for 2010.


  • Be consistent with writing posts (other than weekly Meijer deals) at least 4 times a week.
  • Keeping a list of blog post ideas and schedule posts.
  • Finish “ABC Parenting”  and “Kindergarten through the Alphabet” series
  • Continue to keep a balance between computer/blogging and family.

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Lori.... said...

Good, respectable, do-able goals!! I am with you on the "spend more time with God" one...we can all use that!! Thanks for sharing!