Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Looks Like Christmas!

Welcome to my home!!!!

This is a fresh swag of greens and berries that is gracing my front door. 

Here is our nativity set.  We have it on shelf over our window in our living room.  It is one of the first things someone would see walking into the room.  

Here is a poinsettia flower arrangement that I put together myself that I have setting on my desk.

Here is our fresh cut tree.  We get a fresh cut tree every year. We decorate it with white lights and various silver, red, and gold ornaments.  We also have several special ornaments, like Hallmark's baby's first Christmas that are adorning our tree.

We have snowman that are starting to appear on our tree too!  The snowman ornament on the left is a snowman family that we got when we just had four kids!  The snowman ornament on the right is a glass ornament and it came in a set with five others and they are scattered around on our tree. 

Here is another swag that we have setting on our entertainment center.  Also on the entertainment center is our stack of Christmas CDs that we listen to often during the holidays.

Phillips, Craig, and Dean's Christmas CD is one of my favorites while hubby loves the Ray Coniff singers!

I love having the simple decorations around the house! The basket of pine cones and the winter scene tins are just few of the simple decorations that you will find around my house.  These decorations are such that I can leave up through the winter months without feeling like they are just "Christmas decorations".

This year I add a few things to my decorations in my living room.  These items are on the top of a bookcase.  There is the ceramic Christmas bell that I made with my Grandma, who has passed away, when I was five. There is a bunch of poinsettia flowers and snowman.  The ceramic church in the picture was my hubby's Grandma's, who also has passed away and it was given to us because we were the only other ones in the family that actually went to church. The picture of the man in uniform is my hubby's Grandfather who served in World War II.  This picture was taken back during the war. I love having this picture part of the decorations because it reminds me to pray for our current men and women in the armed forces that are at home and abroad!

Thank you for stopping by my home today!  I hope that you enjoyed your visit!

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Christy Lee said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely decorations! MErry Christmas!

Christy Lee

Bonita said...

Love the nativity over the window!

Cha Cha said...

I love your front door, your home is lovely. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.