Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

**Even though the video is a couple years old, it is still fitting for today!

Veterans Day

by Cheryl Dyson

On Veterans Day we honor all,
Who answered to a service call.
Soldiers young, and soldiers old,
Fought for freedom, brave and bold.
Some have lived, while others died,
And all of them deserve our pride.
We’re proud of all the soldiers who,
Kept thinking of red, white and blue.
They fought for us and all our rights,
They fought through many days and nights.
And though we may not know each name,
We thank ALL veterans just the same.

To my hubby, a Persian Gulf Veteran(and currently a Navy reservist)
To my uncle, a Korean War Veteran
To my cousin, a Vietnam War Veteran
To my grandfather, a World War II Veteran
To hubby's grandfather, a World War II Veteran
To hubby's uncle, a World War II Veteran
To my aunt, a retired Air Force Lt. Col.
To my cousin's hubby, currently serving in the Air Force
and to ALL other Veterans from the past and present and their families...


There are several companies nationwide that want to recognize veterans for their service by giving them discounts or freebies!  You can find a list of them here or here.  You might also find that there are businesses in your locale that are also honoring veterans, like in my city there is a car wash that is giving free car washes to veterans today.

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The Happy Housewife said...

Wow, there are a lot of veterans in your family. Thank you for your post and linking up to show your support for our vets!

Sherry said...

Thank you for this wonderful post! Love the poem!