Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sickness Rampage!

I am still alive!!!

However, I have been dealing with sickness! Monday and Tuesday I was feeling run down and had a funny sore throat like what I normally get from my fall allergies! But Tuesday night, I came down with a fever of 101°. Along with the fever came body aches, actually all my joints in my body felt huge and achy! Thankfully that only lasted about 8 hours!

NOW I am fever free and have been for about 36 hours, but I still have this major stuffy nose and a cough that I hope is keeping the "crud" from entering my lungs! It hurts to cough!

So I have been caring for myself over the last few days rather than worrying about posting anything here. I hope you understand!

Hopefully my kids do not catch this "bug"!

I will be back soon!


SnoWhite said...

Sounds like the flu, my friend. Praying your family stays healthy and that you feel much better soon! Rest up :)

Judy said...

Take care of yourself. I will be praying for you and your family. Will miss you in the mean time : (