Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fried vs Baked Bacon

The last time I went to fix bacon I decided that I was going to try baking it rather than frying it.  I heard and read of many people baking their bacon and the reviews were making me start to think twice about frying it.  However, I am have been a die hard bacon frying person only so making the change seemed so hard to do! I have picky eaters to worry about and just the thought of "change" seemed to haunt me. But I pressed on and made the effort to trying to bake some bacon!

In order to make the change over to baking the bacon,  I decided that I would fry half of a pound of bacon in my skillet.

I baked the rest of the pound of bacon in the oven at 400°on my Pampered Chef large baking pan(jelly roll style pan with edges to catch the grease).

(fried on the left, baked on the right)

Here is the results:


  • more greasy
  • more crispy
  • cooked to smaller pieces
  • more wavy--not really flat for putting on a sandwich!
  • had grease to clean up all over my stove!
  • thicker pieces
  • flatter pieces that fit better on a sandwich
  • crispy yet chewy
  • less greasy
  • less mess
  • took less time and less watchful eye
Overall Results: The baked bacon got rave reviews from my family! My "picky eater" hubby raved about the baked bacon!!  He told me that he would appreciate it if I baked the bacon from now on because he enjoyed it so much.  He said that it tasted more like how the restaurants cook their bacon. My kids even could tell a difference between the cooking styles. They enjoyed it as well.

So this Momma is making a change in her kitchen!!  I am switching to baking the bacon!

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Mrs. P. said...

I was totally won over to making bacon in the oven. Just works better in my opinion :)


SnoWhite said...

my mom bakes them in her stoneware -- yummy :)

Amanda said...

I am a convert too! Once we had kids, I just couldn't fry enough bacon unless I spent all morning standing in front of the range. I cover my large sheet pan (with lip. I bought it at Sam's Club. I think they call it a half-sheet pan or something) with foil. Then I bake it at 400 till crispy. I also like cutting all the slices in half. It is easier to place them on the pan and the kids think they are getting more bacon that way! And the nice part about the foil is that after you let the pan set for awhile, the bacon grease solidifies and you can just crumple up the foil and throw it in the trash.

Cole said...

I think I'll be baking my bacon from now on!

Joy @ Five J's said...

We just recently started baking bacon instead of frying or microwaving it. It tastes so much better and I love the clean up! So much easier!

Judy said...

I am gonna have to try this. About how long does it take to cook?