Friday, September 4, 2009

Grilled Spicy Chicken

Here in the Midwest the summer months are basically over! It has been more like fall lately, but that doesn't keep me from grilling!! I love fixing grilled chicken and as long as the weather stays nice I will use my grill!

When I make chicken on the grill, I love to spice it up rather than just having plain ol' chicken. I mix up some kind of spice with some olive oil and then brush it on both sides of the chicken as it is on the grill. My kids call the results "grilled spicy chicken".

The other day I made some grilled chicken and brushed it with two different spices and left a few plain for those that don't like the spicy chicken. I made up one bowl of lemon pepper seasoning and olive oil and another bowl with Pampered Chef southwestern seasoning and olive oil. The results were scrumptious. I forgot to actually measure how much spice to olive oil I use to make the brush on mixture. If you are one that likes exact measurements I would say to use a ratio of 1/4 cup olive oil to about 3-4 TBSP. spice. The mixture should be a little runny but thick enough that when you go to put on the chicken that is on the grill it doesn't run all off the chicken.

Other spices that I have done mixed with olive oil are:
  • Cajun seasoning
  • Garlic Powder or Minced Garlic and Parmesan
  • Italian seasoning
These are the ones that I have done because these are the spices that I have on hand consistently. I am sure that there is other spices that would make a yummy combination on the chicken.

The sides are endless that you could serve with this chicken. My favorite sides are rice with a dollop of butter and a nice green leafy salad!

This chicken works great for a leftover as well. I love to thinly slice it and put it on top of a green leafy salad for lunch the next day.

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Sherry said...

I have a couple of PC's spice mixtures, and they are delish! :D

Nicole Feliciano said...

I say grill all winter! Why not since everything tastes better. And thank you for stopping by Momtrends and sharing your recipe. See you next week!