Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip---Savings $43.06

WOW!  Hard to believe that it is May already!   I think I have finally figured out what it takes to actually have and keep a grocery budget. Last month, I worked at really watching my spending and trying not to get more than necessary or refilling the stockpile too much so that my hubby would not get upset with all the stockpiling.  I actually stayed within our monthly budget by doing my pantry & freezer spring cleaning so I am going to work at continuing it through the month of May!

This week, I spent a little over $100 out of pocket for items that will get us through the week.  I still need to do up menu plans for the week so hopefully I did not miss anything!  If I did then I will have to choose something different for the menu. 

Here is the breakdown to what I purchased this week:

  • 15.42lbs boneless/skinless chicken breast $27.60
  • 2 bags frozen green beans $2.00
  • 2 bags frozen green peas $2.00
  • 2 lbs butter $3.58
  • 2 gallons milk $3.96
  • 1 box Gortons fish fillets $3.59
  • 6 boxes poptarts $10.00
  • 4 pkgs smoky links $10.00
  • 1 bag breaded chicken tenders $4.00
  • 1 bag breaded chicken fries $4.00
  • 2 bottles Juicy Juice $4.18
  • 2 Speed Stick deodorants $6.25
  • 8ct discounted bakery donuts $2.79(splurge item for the kids' breakfast)
  • 8ct dishcloths $3.99(needed new ones to replace holey ones!)
Total OOP(with tax): $88.60
Total Savings: $38.48
Total without sales or coupons: $127.08

Family Fare: 
  • 4lbs apples $1.98
  • 2 bottles(64oz) apple juice $4.00
  • .75lb sliced deli smoked turkey $3.97
  • 1/2 lb sliced deli ham $1.47
  • 1/4 lb sliced deli oven roasted turkey $1.27
Total OOP: $12.69
Total Savings: $4.58
Total without sales or coupons: $17.27

Also made it to the Aunt Millies' Bakery outlet: 
  • 6 loaves bread $5.34
  • 7 pkgs 8ct buns $5.03
  • 2 loaves texas toast $2.98
Total: $13.35

Grand Total OOP: $114.64
Grand Total Savings: $43.06
Grand Total without sales or coupons: $157.70


Jennifer said...

I think you did well this week. It is so easy to overspend, thanks for the reminder to be careful.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great blog....
I enjoyed reading it today. I am still so
new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories.
Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....
Hope you will stop by for a visit.
The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon....

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

You did great ! Hubby should be thrilled that you stock up with great prices.