Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blessings from a Friend!

So I had a friend that I don't get to see very often email me a couple of weeks ago to ask me if I could use some clothes for my boys! I told her "sure", I could use some clothes especially for my "growing weed" aka oldest son! In her email, she told me that she would be in my area in a couple of weeks, well she came by on Friday with her "loot"! Her "loot" consisted of a 10 gallon tub without its lid, an 18 gallon tub without its lid, and 2 1/2-13 gallon trashbags of clothes!(I wish I had gotten a picture of the stash before I went through it all!)

I feel overwhelmed and extremely blessed by all that she brought to us! It was like Christmas around here for all four of my older kids. I took the time to go through everything and divided it into piles of the different sizes. Here are the results...

Here is a purse/bag that she made out of a pair of old jean shorts and a Land's End parka! My daughter loves the purse! As for the coat that fits my daughter for this winter, which she needed!

These are all the shirts that fit my oldest son! Actually there is a sweater, a hooded sweatshirt, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. The shirts are either dress shirts or knit shirts!

These are the stacks of 24 dress/cargo pants, 6 pairs of jeans, 5 jean shorts, 4 dress/cargo shorts, and a bathing suit that are for my oldest son, who happens to be in 16/18 slim or 27x30 student size pants!! If you have boys, you know that getting second hand pants with no holes is a rarity! Well out of all of these there was only a couple that really looked loved the rest were in excellent condition! There was even a pair with the tags still on the pants!

This is the stacks that will fit son #2!! There is a sport coat, a hooded sweatshirt along with several shirts and pants. There was a pair of pants in his stacks with the tags still on too!

These are the stacks for son #3!! There was 2 sport coats and a dress overcoat, along with several sweaters, shorts, pants, short and long sleeve shirts!

Now for the results of what I kept and what I decided to pass on because one doesn't need a TON of clothes! Most of the pants in son #3's stash were size 8, which is one size too small for him so those pants I am giving to another friend who has 4 boys!

All those pants and shorts for oldest son, I went through them with him and we are going to be keeping about 1/2 of them! The rest are going to other friends, whose oldest only had one pair of good jeans that fit him.

So while it is sooo fun and overwhelming getting all these clothes for my children, I know that the excess of my blessing will be blessing someone else in return. I told my friends who I gave the excess to that if they didn't want them or couldn't use them they were to bless someone else or make sure they ended up in our church's clothing closet ministry.


marky said...

What an Awesome Blessing!!!

Donna said...

WOW! God is good!