Thursday, August 21, 2008

Weekly Grocery Trip--Saved $19.71

This was a light week for groceries for me(sorry no pics kids helped me to put away!) because we are going on vacation next week so I only needed to shop for four days. Next week before we leave I'll probably shop again just to get a few things for taking with us on our trip.

My first stop was Meijer...

2 boxes Eggo Waffles $1.30 or 65 cents each

2-6pk Musselmans applesauce $2.73 or $1.37 each

2 jars Musselmans applesauce $2.74 or $1.37 each

2 gallons milk $5.00

1 family pack bag breaded chicken tenders $4.00

I used my $3.00 shopping order that I got last week with getting Capri Sun....

Total: $12.77
Savings Total: $12.24 (non coupon savings: $7.04; coupon savings $5.20)

Next stop Family Fare...

18 containers Yoplait Yogurt $7.50 or 42 cents each

16 lbs potatoes $5.00

2 dozen eggs $2.50

2.24lbs bananas $1.32

1 bottle French's Mustard 50 cents

Total after coupons and sales: $16.82
Savings Total: $7.47

GRAND Total before sales & coupons: $49.30
GRAND Total after sales & coupons: $29.59
GRAND Total Savings: $19.71

See I told you a light week and I still saved a decent amount!

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