Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thrift Store Finds!!!

This past Sunday driving to church I saw that my favorite local thrift store(not Goodwill!) was going to be having a sale this week on clothing! The sign read "ALL CLOTHING Buy 1 Get 2 FREE"!!!!! Sooooo I kept telling myself all week that I needed to get in there!! Well the store isn't open on Sundays, and they close early so waiting til after dinner when hubby is home is out of the question. So I finally just went today! I left my kids with 12yo son in charge, and 21mo sleeping and trekked over there to see what they might have on their racks. As usual, I was not disappointed and I walked away with a bag full of clothes for $14.84(including tax)!!!!

I got myself a Paradise Bay navy skirt, and 2 pairs of Studio Works shorts(tan and black) for $4.00!!!
I got my oldest son 2 pairs of boxer shorts(uses for pjs), a swimsuit, a pair of cotton shorts, and a pair of Land's End quick dry nylon shorts. Also in the picture is a pair of shorts with the Detroit Tigers logo on them for son #2. I got all 6 pairs of shorts for $4.00!!!
I couldn't leave the store without looking for things for my only daughter!! I purchased 2 pairs of shorts, a navy skort, 3 pairs of knit pants, a pair of navy dress pants, a pair of dressy sweatpants and a pink flower short sleeve shirt. All of it was for $6.00!!!!

My daughter will have to grow into a couple pairs of the pants. The Land's End nylon shorts are too big around for my oldest son so those either will get passed on to someone else or I will hang on to them for ones coming up behind him.
I love being able to get clothes that look decent and are in style for a fraction of the price they would be new!!


Melinda said...

Wow, you did great! I plan on going to Goodwill tomorrow, I hope I have as much luck as you! :)

bigbinder said...

WOW!! I think this is a good time of year to shop thrift stores, they are getting tons of garage sale leftovers. Good idea as I try and finish up school shopping!!