Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weblink Wednesday--Read Alouds

Are you familiar with this book?? I wasn't til someone on a homeschooling message board recommended reading it! I just picked up from the library today! From what I gather from skimming thru it just briefly....it is a book that helps you to understand that every child can become an avid reader. It answers common questions about doubts, it gives tips on how to get children into books! It boosts about discovering the rewards that come from reading and the importance of reading aloud.

Little did I realize that Mr. Trelease has a website set up with all the same information that is in the book plus new reviews of books that are not in the last edition of his book!

He has a Weekly Read-Aloud Book review and Weekly Education Essay.

He has articles about different debates that are going on in the Educator's arena--like the No Child Left Behind, Censorship, on-line reading vs. offline, and even research on the effects of "screen time"(TVs, Videos, Computers). I found many different and interesting articles that even as a homeschooling parent I found to be interesting to read.

You can purchase CDs and DVDs of his past lectures.

You can even find out how to make Rain Gutter Bookshelves!!!

So if you are looking for information on reading or looking for a good book to read aloud to your kids....check out his site!!!!

The Read Aloud Handbook--Trelease on Reading

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Tina said...

This site has lots of interesting stuff on it. Good for parent reading. ( too bad we cannot take the computer to the bedside table for reading at night, okay maybe some of you do!)

Kerri said...

Yes, I'm familiar with that book.

No, I had no idea he had a list online. That is very helpful. I was in the bookstore the other day, and I was wondering out of the new books they had, which ones would be really good.

alwayswithme said...

Thanks for the website info. I have his book, don't know it never occured to me to see if he was on the web.

Mommy Reg said...

That site has so much info. What a great find.