Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday--Backwards Edition

Its the Backwards Edition of WFMW this week at Rocks in My Dryer! It is where we ask a question about problem that we have rather than giving a tip as to what works for us.

I have a sock problem!! It makes life so interesting when doing laundry.

I had the sock problem all figured out when each of my five kids were in different sizes of socks. However, I now have a preteen son who can wear his dad's socks!!! AND I have a hubby that is complaining that he can't find any dress socks!

I figured out a system for their white socks. I took my black Sharpie marker and put dots on the toes. However, you can not take a black Sharpie to black dress socks!!!

So what can do with their black dress socks to make it easier on me when folding a basket of laundry and less complaining from the hubby about not having any dress socks??

Looking to help others, hop over to Shannon's @ Rocks in My Dryer!


Christine said...

White thread. Small "x" on the bottom side near the toes!

Either that or a fluorescent paint pen, and write, "I stole these socks from my dad!" across the bottom. :)

Jonathan said...

You can use t-shirt paint. A little dot works with it, too. Some families use a different color paint for each person on clothes and socks. If things are handed down, the youngest might have more than one dot, but that's OK.

fullofboys said...

I think t-shirt paint is a great idea - and I think I might be stealing the sharpie idea!

~Babychaser~ said...

If you really have time, you could embroider (sp?) initials on the toe of each dress sock. :) But then you may have different complaining. :) Especially if you use frilly writing. :)

Really though the thread idea is pretty much what I was going to say. :)

happyhousewife said...

I would go for fabric paint or a white thread.
Thanks for the advice on my blog... we do travel a lot and could use extra luggage space.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy two mesh bags, mark them with your sharpie, and tell them if they want black dress socks back from the laundry lady, they'll need to deposit them safely in that bag and zip it up when they're dirty. Then they're pre and post sorted for you. Tara

ruizbe82 said...

The mesh bag is a great idea!

The husband and I have similar white tube socks, but I can tell them apart by the brand. He only has Champion tube socks (so they have a little C on them), while I just use whatever so it's easier to tell them apart. Perhaps (I know this isn't very frugal) if they each wear a different brand you'd know what they each look like and who they belong to.

Thanks for commenting on my journal, btw. :)