Monday, December 3, 2007

Online Christmas Party

Melissa over at Lilliput Station is hosting her first online Christmas party! She is offering some great prizes and a chance for others to share their Christmas ideas! I thought I would join in on the fun. My dh works with computers for a living. Last Christmas, the kids and I made him some things to hang at his work made from old CDs and simple coloring shapes that we traced unto construction paper, colored and then cut out.

Here is the ornaments that we made...dh and his co-workers hung them on their Christmas tree. In order to get the holes in the top of the CDs we used dh's cordless drill with a small drill bit. We place the CD on a block of wood to drill the hole. Then we were able to thread ribbon thru the hole and tied it.

Here is a wreath that they hung on the door to their conference room. We used hot glue to stick the CDs together.

The kids decided to make them a snowman as well. The hat is made out of construction paper, the buttons are scraps of black construction paper, the arms are twigs, the body has cotton balls glued on, and the boots are made out of construction paper.

Then what was leftover of the CDs, we made them a personalized tree for their department. We just took our leftover shapes and glued them onto the tree. Then we typed up all their names along with Merry Christmas in red and green.


Melissa Telling said...

Those are so cute! Welcome to the party! Check back tomorrow. I will be posting a link to a free set of Christmas notebooking pages. Melissa

Pam said...

Those are to cute. We have made a snowman that is similar to that before. Thanks for sharing.

Jasmine's Journey said...

The other day I had the kids making snow men and snowflakes. We just need to hang them up!

Melissa Telling said...

I am sending a copy of my new Salvation Army lapbook to all Christmas Party participants, but I can't find your email address. Will you please email it to me? My address is on my blog. Thanks! Melissa Telling

Tip Junkie said...

Those turned out great!! How creative.