Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

Another Tuesday is upon us so it is time for Kitchen Tip Tuesdays over at Tammy's Recipes.

My dh gets me up every day at 7am to fix his lunch for him. He loves for me to fix his lunch! He loves to take leftover dinners in his lunch. Not only does it save us money cause he eats out less but it is also a way for me to show him that I love him. Needless to say getting up that early most days is not my idea of fun! My brain is in a fog so it is hard to think straight!

So I decided that when I go to put leftovers from a dinner away. I would use some of my containers that fit into his personal size cooler that he uses as his "lunchbox". So I use either disposable plastic containers(that we wash and reuse) or tupperware containers to put homemade tv dinners in for his lunch. The containers are not divided containers just regular storage containers that can go in the microwave. One of my favorites is Ziploc brand Snap N' Seal containers. They have a "salad size" container that works great for a meat and a side dish. I cut up the meat and make sure that there is even butter(if needed) on the rice or potato so that it is ready for him to pop in the microwave at work. Any veggie or fruit or dessert leftovers, I put into their own single serve container or ziploc sandwich baggie.

Then I have these containers stacked in the fridge so that it is just a matter of pulling out the containers on the top of the stack and slipping them in his lunchbox. So despite my foggy morning brain, I can still get his lunch ready for him to go in the morning without really having to think which leftovers need to go in his lunch.

Also having these containers/meals already made up makes life a little easier on everyone else. Because if there is more than one serving of dinner leftovers the rest of us know that it is fair game to eat as a snack or for a lunch for those of us at home. It also makes my fridge not looked so cluttered and items don't get to the back of the fridge and forgotten.

So there is my kitchen tip today, head over to Tammy's for more tips.


Anonymous said...

Great tip! What a sweet wife you are, too, to think of your husband in this way. Beautiful!

Amy @ http://hopeistheword.wordpress.com/2007/12/18/kitchen-tip-tuesday-salt-dough-ornaments/

Jasmine's Journey said...

Yeah I do this too. But my dh does not like to take left overs. That is a very rare occasion. He usually just wants sandwiches. So I try to make those up the night before.

Kimi Harris said...

My husband also almost always take leftovers for lunch. He likes it as well. :-) We also find that it really helps our food budget out.

Jane said...

I do this too! I love using leftovers up - makes me feel so domesticly inclined! :)

I think it is neat that you still fix your hubbie lunch. Awesome marriages exist because of the little things.