Friday, August 24, 2007

Homeschool Information

Home Sweet Home School--helping home-schoolers and prospective home-schoolers by offering resource links that are useful or informative through forums and their articles and related links and message boards and a FAQ page. This is a ministry site.

Home School Central--Home schooling news and a “how to get started home schooling” page

Home School Help at Sassafrass Grove--home school help from subjects and tools to fun and books to hows and whys to support. There is a lot of information contained in this site.

Heart of Wisdom--a wealth of Biblical based home schooling information and ideas

The How to for Home Schooling --discusses the how-to get started in home schooling. It touches on topics of socialization, picking the correct curriculum, to picking a home school support group.

Home School Oasis –This is Barb Shelton’s site. She has different articles pertaining to burn-out and getting through the high school years.

Pre-K Smarties-- a preschool education resource for parents teaching preschoolers with tips for early reading using phonics, parenting articles, family freebies, and deals on the best educational toys.

Home School Fun Online Magazine – lots of home schooling tips and articles, along with lesson plans for any subject.

Home Education Magazine --free online newsletters, discussion boards, a networking list, and selections from the magazine, including articles, interviews, columnists, resources, reviews and more.

Homeschooling Today – links to state home schooling laws, home schooling articles, tips on how to start home schooling, and more. Also can subscribe to the magazine.

Homeschool Yellow Pages –source for everything for home schooling from curriculum, testing, and conventions. Like a telephone yellow pages book!

Homeschool World – “mall” of resources, articles, experts in different areas, organizations and forum.

Teaching Home Magazine –Christian magazine for home educators (by subscription), the site provides information, inspiration, and support.

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