Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip---Savings $165.22 plus!

After taking last week off of shopping the deals and before the "sickness" hit me, I did some grocery shopping to restock my shelves of meat and other essentials to make meals for my family.  This week's deals were not too great in the stores but I was able to snag some good deals at the local bakery outlets and a quick trip to Save A Lot.  The deals at Save A Lot are going to be good for next week too so I might head back over there next Friday(payday) to snag more soup since there was a limit on the number of cans I could get in one trip.

And just in case you are wondering, the following purchases were made in two days.  I split up my shopping due to the time I had available. All total it only took me 2 hours without kids in tow to get everything below!

Here is the breakdown of my purchases this week:

Butternut Bread Thrift Store: (I am putting the regular price of each item if you were to get in the grocery store not on sale!)

  • 1 box(4pks) choc. chip muffins $1.00 (reg. $3.99)
  • 2 boxes assorted donuts $2.09 (reg. $3.99 each)
  • 4 boxes chocolate donettes $4.00 (reg $3.19 each)
  • 1 box HoHo cakes $1.00 (reg. $3.99)
  • 9 pkgs. individual snack cakes $3.00 (reg. $1.25 each)
Total OOP: $11.09
Total Savings: $28.88
Total with outlet prices: $39.97

Aunt Millie's Bread Outlet: (I am putting the regular price of each item if you were to get in the grocery store not on sale!)
  • 6 loaves sandwich bread $5.34 (reg. $3.19 each)
  • 6-8ct pks hamburg buns $4.14 (reg $3.19 each)
  • 2 pks brown 'n serve rolls $1.29 (reg. $1.99 each)
  • 2 pks deli style hoagie buns $1.98 (reg. $2.99 each)
  • 2 loaves Texas Toast bread $2.98 (reg. $2.99 each)
  • 2 pks plain bagels $1.58 (reg. $3.59 each)
Total OOP: $17.31
Total Savings: $44.09
Total without outlet prices: $61.40

**I love the fact that I have these bread outlet stores within my 5 mile radius of my home.  This makes these trips to the outlets so cost effective in that I am not going out of my way to shop there hence spending more in gas than I would be saving by shopping at these places. 

Now for the grocery stores shopped at this week:

Save A Lot:
  • 12 cans cream of chicken soup $6.00
  • 1 box onion soup mix 69¢
Total OOP: $6.69
Total savings: priceless

Duthler's:(small local corner grocery store chain)
  • 12 lbs potatoes $3.16
  • 2.67 lbs beef cube steak $7.98
  • 3.38 lbs beef rump roast $7.40
Total OOP: $18.54
Total Savings: $8.66
Total without sales: $27.20

  • 2 lbs stick margarine $1.18
  • 2 boxes choc. fudge poptarts $2.60
  • 4 dozen eggs $3.92
  • 3.93 lbs ground beef from round $7.83
  • 1 bottle Juice Juice Immunity 52¢
  • 5lbs whole wheat flour $3.29
  • 1 box graham cracker sandwiches $2.64
  • 11.12 lbs split chicken breasts $11.01
  • 3.86 lbs bananas $1.51
  • 4 cans Grands Biscuits $3.36
  • 2 bottles Old Orchard Juice $3.38
  • 2- 6pks applesauce $3.78
  • 1 bag Doritos $1.99
  • 4 boxes various Post cereals $6.96
  • 1 box Honey Nut Cheerios $1.74
  • 2 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal $2.98
  • 2 boxes Red Baron pizzas $2.98
  • 1 gallon apple cider $2.99
  • 1 box sausage patties $1.50
  • 2 Speed Stick deodorants $4.24(with tax)
  • 3 gallons milk $6.00
  • 5lbs boneless/skinless chicken breasts $9.98
  • 5 boxes brown 'n serve sausage links $5.00
  • 1 bag Nature Valley Nut clusters $2.14
Total OOP: $93.52
Total Savings: $41.00
Total without coupons & sales: $134.52

Family Fare: 
  • 7.43 lbs ground beef from chuck $13.30
  • 2.32 lbs beef cube steak $6.48 (manager's markdown)
  • .72 lbs beef bottom round steaks $2.76 (manager's markdown)
  • 3.05 lbs chicken drumsticks $3.02
  • 12 containers Yoplait yogurt $5.10
  • 1 box Quaker Simple Harvest granola bars $1.50
  • 1 box Choc. Little Bites Mini Wheats $1.67
  • 1 box Cinnabon bars $1.50
  • 2 boxes cream cheese $1.76
  • 3 boxes Pillsbury pie crust $4.81
  • 2 graham cracker crusts $2.00
  • 2 boxes Pillsbury brownie mix $2.00
  • 1 box Velveeta cheese $4.49
  • 4 bottles Old Orchard Juice $4.88
  • 1 bottle Styling gel $2.39
Total OOP after $5.10 bottle refund: $52.70
Total Savings with bottle refund: $42.59
Total without sales, coupons, & bottle refund: $95.29

Grand Total OOP: $199.85
Grand Total Savings: $165.22
Grand Total without sales, coupons, outlets, and bottle refunds: $365.07

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sickness Rampage!

I am still alive!!!

However, I have been dealing with sickness! Monday and Tuesday I was feeling run down and had a funny sore throat like what I normally get from my fall allergies! But Tuesday night, I came down with a fever of 101°. Along with the fever came body aches, actually all my joints in my body felt huge and achy! Thankfully that only lasted about 8 hours!

NOW I am fever free and have been for about 36 hours, but I still have this major stuffy nose and a cough that I hope is keeping the "crud" from entering my lungs! It hurts to cough!

So I have been caring for myself over the last few days rather than worrying about posting anything here. I hope you understand!

Hopefully my kids do not catch this "bug"!

I will be back soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meijer Deals 11/1-11/7

Just a reminder, that I am using a West Michigan sale ad and my Meijer does NOT double coupons! Also check the THREE pages of Mealbox coupons there are several cpns that match items in this week's ad! However, I did not find many that would make the product over 50% off if purchased with a Mealbox cpn and a manufactor's coupon. Please let me know if there is something that I missed and I will take the time to update my deals listing.


~~BUY ANY 4 OR MORE PAM No-Stick Cooking Spray, Egg Beaters or Wesson Oil; GET $3 OFF YOUR NEXT SHOPPING TRIP! (limit 1 cpn per transaction)

~~Buy FIVE Lean Cuisine Entrees, Paninis, Flatbread Melts, Pizzas or One Dish Favorites Get 6th one Free!

~~Buy FOUR Aunt Jemina Breakfast Entrees or Scrambles and Get $2 off instantly at the register.

~~Buy any TWO Dixie or Glad items, Get $2 off instantly at the register. (limit 1 offer per transaction)


Apples: Red Delicious, Gala, McIntosh, Ida Red or Jonathoan-3lb bag 2/$3

California Red or Black Seedless or Red Seeded Grapes $1.18/lb

Red Grapefruit -10lb bag $3.99

Bananas 39¢/lb

Center Cut Half Boneless Pork Loin $1.49/lb

Meijer Fresh Bone In Split Chicken Breasts 99¢/lb

Meijer gallon Milk 2/$4 (limit 4)

Soft N Good White Bread 99¢

Sargento Shredded Cheese 8 oz. pkg $1.79

Certified Angus Ground Beef from Round $1.99/lb

Chef Boyardee Pasta with Meat 7.5 microwaveable bowl or 14.75 oz can All varieties 92¢
40/1 cpn 10-04 S(cpn for microwaveable bowl)

Eckrich Smoked Sausage or Grillers 14-16oz pkg 2/$4
55/1 cpn 10-11 S

Marie Callenders Homestyle Creations Select varieties $2.69
$1/1 cpn 10-25 S

Smart Balance Butter Blends 16oz pkg $1.99
$1/2 cpn 10-18 RP **stack the two cpns and get for 99¢ each!
$1/2 Mealbox cpn

Kens Salad Dressings 16oz or Lite Accents 7oz $1.49
$1/2 cpn 08-02 S2

Dannon Activia Cups or Drinks 4/4-5.75oz $1.99
$1/1 cpn 08-09 S
$1/1 cpn 10-04 S
$1/1 cpn 11-01 S

SuperPretzel 9-13oz Assorted Varieties $1.49
50/1 cpn 09-27 RP
50/1 cpn 10-18 RP

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits 99¢
30/2 cpn 10-04 GM
30/2 cpn
30/2 cpn

CoffeeMate Flavored Creamers $1.49
$1/1 cpn *use cpn and get it for 49¢!
$1.50/2 cpn


Meijer Vitamins and Supplements ~~ Buy One Get One Free!

Dynamo Liquid Laundry Detergent 100oz Assorted Varieties ~~ Buy ONE Get TWO FREE!

Lysol Cleaners Assorted Varieties 2/$4
$1/1 cpn 10-04 S(cpn is for Disinfectant Spray 12 oz or larger)

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste 4.2oz 2/$5
75/1 cpn 10-11 PG

Oral B Floss 1ct 2/$5
$1/1 cpn 10-11 PG

Natures Bounty Vitamins & Supplements Selected items ~~ Buy One Get One FREE!
$1/1 cpn 10-11 RP
$1/1 cpn 11-01 S
$1/1 cpn
$1/1 cpn

Flexamin Supplements ~~ Buy One Get One FREE!
$6/1 cpn 10-25 RP
$4/1 cpn
$6/1 cpn

Clairol Nice n Easy ~~ $2 off
$5/1 cpn 11-01 PG

Crest Toothpaste Whitening Expressions 6oz 2/$5
75/1 cpn 11-01 PG

Oral B Advantage Toothbrush 1ct 2/$5
75/2 cpn 11-01 PG

Loreal Cosmetics ~~ Buy ONE Get ONE 50% off
$2/1 cpn 11-01 RP

***Please take the time to check out your local ad, which you can find here. IF Meijer is not your store of choice, head over to BeCentsAble's Grocery Gathering

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